From Marbella to Iceland

The sunshine is back in Marbella again and it is time to tell you a bit about my recent Iceland trip! Just a short 4 day trip but we really made the most of it. We made an amazing day trip around Iceland were we visited Gullfoss waterfall, Strokkur geyser and the Landmannalaugar nationalpark. The scenery and nature is extraordinary. It really feels like you are in the middle of Lord of the Rings or just landed on another planet somewhere. img_0062img_0057img_0001img_0030img_0032The capital Reykjavik is such a beautiful city and we stayed right by the main shopping street with all restaurants nearby. Iceland are famous for their lamb dishes and also fish of course. We had a special dinner at the Apotek restaurant which left both me, my sister and my mum almost speechless 🙂

One thing on our bucket list was of course the Blue Lagoon and it was also over our expectations in every way. It was such a crazy feeling to sit in the clear, baby blue, hot steamy water  watching the snow around us and the sky above us. Breath taking and worth trying out the restuarant for lunch after. The second thing to tick off my bucket list was riding Iceland horses. I left mum and sis shopping in Reykjavik and went on my own to Ishestar and went on the Viking Tour for experienced riders. We booked all our excursions via Extreme Iceland and couldn´t be more happy. Great organization so a big recommendation if you decide to visit Iceland:-)




Weekend trip to the Bavarian Alps


There is one thing I really miss from Sweden, the nature. Yes, it is amazing to go for a walk or a ride along the beach in Marbella but to get out in the forests of the northern countries,  that is really wow. I never appreciated it when I lived there. I have climbed La Concha mountain here in Marbella twice and it is really something I recommend you to do! It’s a nice hike and not to hard so most people can get all the way to the top and enjoy the view of the Costa del Sol. Last weekend I went for the second time to the Bavarian Alps and we climbed the peak Jenner in Königsee. It is 1871 meters high. We also went on a boat trip on the lake. The nature was completely mesmerizing, like in a fairy tale. Check out some of the hundreds of photos I took!!!


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