I came to Marbella for the first time in 1982 and fell in love with everything about it, being only 6 years old I would never have thought that this was the start of a new adventure. In 1999 I made a temporary move to Puerto Banus only to never move back home again. I had found my home.

My blog welcomes you on a tour through Marbella and the life I live here.

I will take you along to the gym and share tips from my work out and how I prepared myself last year, both mentally and physically, for my first fitness competitions last year.
Being a big animal lover I will introduce you to my precious dog Davidson, my horse Tango and my rescue cats Biggie and Red.
I also hope to give you an inside to the joys of living in this area with its many great shops, restaurants, night clubs, beaches and various events that I have the pleasure to experience after many years of testing and differencing the bad ones from the good.
Hopefully I can save you the time of making those same mistakes I already made.
Last but not least with 15 years behind me  in the real estate industry on the Costa del Sol, I look forward to telling you some great stories from the past along with what lies ahead!
Buckle up and enjoy the ride!