Marbella Fitness Life part 1

img_8473-2newBefore moving to Spain, I was training at the gym back in Sweden but once I arrived to Marbella in my early twenties, I forgot all about that. It wasn’t until 3 years ago I decided to take it up again. Luckily we have muscle memory!

I started by training 3 days/week, after work, at Centro Plaza Gym. After a few weeks I moved up to 4 days/week. I got so much energy from the training and I felt generally more content and positive. Slowly my whole lifestyle started to change and for the better.

I often get the question if the gym is not just full of self-centred people that like to look themselves in the mirror. You couldn’t be more wrong! The people that are there to train and look after themselves are so kind and helpful. I got so much genuine help and advise from people I hardly new. Today some of the people have turned into close friends. As for my body, the hard work paid off and from being slim, I became fit. It isn´t always about losing weight. For me it was about looking healthy and have a nice figure so I actually gained some weight! Slim may look nice in clothes but fit looks much nicer naked 🙂

For anyone that want to get started but just cant get a move on: My advise is to make a plan of action in writing and stick to it. It might be hard at the beginning but it will also be absolutely fantastic for your mental health to not give up on something that you set out to do!

I am happy to help with advise get started 🙂 If I could do it, you can!


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