Real estate in Marbella




I have worked in the real estate business in Marbella since 2001, so I experienced both Marbella’s big property boom 2003-2006 as well as the crisis that started in 2007. Later on I will tell some of my real estate memories from the past years but today I want to talk about the present ūüôā

I am working at Nordica, a Swedish owned real estate agency based in Nueva Andalucia golf valley. I love my job. Apart from great colleagues, it gets me to meet many interesting people from all over the world. Every day is a new story so it never gets boring. Apart from the search for holiday homes, more and more foreigners come to find a permanent home here. I enjoy the process of getting to know¬†my clients and guide them through their property search. It is a lot about understanding needs so I always ask many questions. Maybe too many haha! Once I understand needs, I can advise correctly and sometimes that actually means pointing out “negatives”.¬†The challenge is not just to sell but the satisfaction of knowing my clients will be happy with their final choice and recommend me to their friends.

I love working for a company that specializes in a¬†certain area and especially as I live here¬† and find this the¬†safest area for¬†investments along the coast.¬†(I base that on my previous experience¬†from the years of real estate crisis on Costa del Sol¬†and to some extent to my own personal opinion of course.)¬†I am too honest to sell something I don’t think is a good buy…

For those of you who are interested in property in Marbella, below is a selection of my favourites at the moment!

Have a lovely day ūüôā

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