Marbella Life

12888661_10153311517632890_7852502539326782400_oHi everyone,

Living in a holiday area like Marbella has both its pro’s and con’s. Not to mention the amazing weather and the beach life, my main positive has always been the international atmosphere. We are spoiled with many great restaurants and for dinner and we can easily be 12 people from 10 different countries. I am a very social person and I love meeting people with different backgrounds so this is extraordinary. Another great thing is that you can dress any way you like. People will go out in anything from a ball gown to a bathing suit and nobody will judge or look weird at you. I love that about Marbella. Be yourself and if you feel like dressing up, well so you should! The sad part being a holiday place would obviously be that many people come and go. I have made some amazing friendships here over the years and some of them have left and I miss them very much.

As for activities, Marbella has it all, well no, one thing I miss would be the cultural life of a city like Stockholm, London or Paris where I can go to a musical or the opera from time to time. But apart from that, we have it all, even skiing in Sierra Nevada is just 1.5 hour drive. Oh, and Puerto Banus is missing a Louboutin store and Victoria Secrets 🙂 Thank god for online shopping eh!?

Over the last year, finally the wellness and health frenzy has hit Marbella too. Wicked 🙂 Now I can find ecological fruit and vegetable shops, health shops and several organic lunch restaurants and coffee shops. And I am a strict recycler so I love seeing more and more people using the correct bins!

There is a lot to say about what made me choose Marbella as my home but that is all for today folks 😉 so to be continued …

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